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Digital Solutions

We take our customers through their digital journey by providing customized technology solutions that achieve tangible returns – increasing efficiency, and improving productivity.

At Aletheia Solutions, we understand that our clients are at the heart of what we do. We provide smart, innovative, and quality solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Our professional staff will work with you to ensure your success.

We view our clients as partners and seek to build a lasting relationship with them. Our partnerships are based on mutual trust, integrity, and respect. We help our clients by providing them with cost-effective solutions that enable them to achieve their business goals. Our methodologies focus on identifying the root cause of the problem rather than the symptoms. This approach helps us implement sustainable solutions that not only fix the current issues but also prevent recurrence in the future.

Web Development

We provide web development services from the early stage of the project from its development to the launch of the final version of the website. We understand how important it is for your website to provide the information and services you need in a way that's easy to find and simple to use. We specialize in providing web solutions that meet your business needs and improve your return on investment.

Mobile Apps Development

We build custom native mobile applications for all major platforms. Whether you're looking for a world-class mobile app development team or just a small mobile app update, we're ready to help. We stick with our clients until they are fully satisfied with the final product.

Cloud Computing

We offer red hat containerization solutions to help businesses run at their best. A complete stack of containerized solutions with integrated management tools gives you what you need to efficiently run your modern mixed environment. From open source to enterprise versions, we offer a solution that works for you.

We can help reduce the complexity of containerized applications as we have experience in supporting containerized applications at all levels of the stack including containers, images, registries, orchestration platforms, and management tools.

New support models are redefining how companies develop, deploy, host, operate, and maintain their production environments. Whether your goal is to make the most of your existing infrastructure investments or create a completely new secure environment, we offer solutions to you to meet your needs.

With an industry-recognized track record of providing flexible and highly secure solutions, we are here to help you. So whether you're looking for software that powers containers, cloud solutions that scale easily, or proven performance for on-premise deployments, we have a red hat solution that can help!

Hardware & Software Solutions

Aletheia is your one-stop destination for computer hardware equipment and peripherals, including printers, software solutions, networking devices, hard drives, laptop computers, and monitors.

We offer complete solutions for your office or business needs. You can choose from workstations, hardware parts, and accessories for computers of all types, and software applications (programs) like accounting, data management, and collections, inventory management, point of sale (POS), project management, etc., as well as network equipment.

Our product catalog includes computer equipment, peripherals, software solutions (Microsoft products, Adobe, Symantec, Autodesk, Intuit), etc., which are ideal for any size business or enterprise.

One-stop solution provider covering hardware, peripherals, software, and solutions for small to medium-size businesses.

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